Inspiring you and your educators to find opportunities throughout the day to boost children’s energetic play
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Why become a Play Active member?

We know your time is valuable, so we’ve made it easy for you to support and promote children’s energetic play in your service.

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Making workloads less – aligning with National Quality Standards

Services have a responsibility to support and promote children’s physical activity under the National Quality Standards:

  • Quality Area 2.1 ‘Each child’s health and physical activity is supported and promoted’
  • Element 2.1.3 ‘Heathy eating and physical activity are promoted and appropriate for each child’

Play Active supports you and your educators to not only meet but exceed in these National Quality Standards.

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Inform your Quality Improvement Plan

Incorporating Play Active into your Quality Improvement Plan can help you improve practices, policies and environments to meet and exceed in Quality Area 2.1.

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Tailor your own Play Active policy

Your Play Active Policy complements your other service policies such as healthy eating and nutrition, sun protection, and sleep and rest, allowing you to provide a more holistic approach to supporting children’s health and wellbeing.

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What are the benefits?

Play Active provides you with an evidence-informed physical activity policy, professional development, resources and support.

Low cost membership

Through a low-cost two year membership, Play Active provides:

  • A tailored Play Active Policy to meet your service’s specific needs
  • Quick, online Professional Development
  • An easy-to-use suite of online resources and tools delivered through a mobile-friendly website
  • Play Active aligns with the National Quality Standards making it easy to incorporate into your Quality Improvement Plans
  • Physical activity and energetic play ideas, resources, free professional development and support for educators to find more opportunities throughout the day to boost children’s energetic play
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Become a member in 60 minutes

It’s quick and easy to join.

  • Step 1: Register here and then complete a short self-assessment survey to determine the current physical activity and energetic play practices at your service.
  • Step2: Tailor your Play Active Policy to your service’s needs based on these self-assessment results.
  • Step 3: Complete brief, online professional development involving eight quick videos and a short quiz.
  • Step 4: Pay your 2-year membership fee of $200 to download your tailored Play Active Policy and access member benefits.
  • Step 5: Unlock access to the member benefits and invite your educators to complete free professional development.
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What Directors say about Play Active?

Play Active is like SunSmart, except it’s for physical activity rather than UV. It’s super quick and easy. Perhaps they should have called it PlaySmart!


, 44
, Western Australia
We’ve made Eva our physical activity champion, as she’s really keen on fitness and movement for the children. I think having her lead it as champion has been really great for us, and for her development, as we have a lot going on at our service, so it’s important to share responsibilities.


, 31
, South East QLD